On Saturday April 14, 2007, Dr. David Smotrich was honored at a star-studded event in Los Angeles held by the American Fertility Association.

Dr. Smotrich was presented with the “Visionary Award” by Angela Bassett & Courtney Vance at the AFA’s Illuminations 2007 event.

The American Fertility Association (the AFA) is a leader in patient advocacy in providing men and women, health care professionals, public officials and the media, both nationally and internationally, with information about infertility treatments, reproductive & sexual health and family building options including third-party solutions (egg donation & surrogacy) and adoption. The AFA is a national not-for-profit organization.

AFA visionary award presentation

Both La Jolla IVF and Dr. Smotrich are extremely gratified that the AFA chose to honor him for his work in infertility, third-party reproduction and stem cell research.

La Jolla IVF and Dr. Smotrich believe as does the AFA that when “it comes to building families, there are endless possibilities. Dr. Smotrich is committed to finding specific solutions for all patients who seek his care regardless of whether they are good or poor prognosis cases.

In particular, La Jolla IVF and Dr. Smotrich are hopefully working towards one day ensuring that the word “infertility” has been rendered obsolete.