The staff at La Jolla IVF has been proactive in addressing the COVID-19 situation. Because any impact on a person’s health can have implications when it comes to reproductive health, we have been diligent in reading the literature and guidance from a variety of sources. To help ensure the safety of our patients and staff, we have taken a number of steps. Before any patients enter our building, they will have to answer some questions over the telephone. Here are examples of the kinds of questions we will ask: View Questionnaire

Temperatures will be taken at the front desk. Anyone who is running a fever will be directed on next steps.This requirement applies to our physicians, nurses, and staff. We are concerned about everyone’s health and safety.

Also, masks are mandatory throughout the entire process.

In order to maintain social distancing, we are limiting the number of people in our clinic.

The La Jolla IVF staff is continuing to thoroughly clean and sanitize each room before and after a patient visit.

We are as always committed to working with all of our patients for positive outcomes and building families.